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Accelerating Clean Cooling & Heating

Accelerate Special Issue #110

Accelerate #110 is a Special Issue with a focus on Clean Cooling, a new approach to HVAC&R. As defined by Professor Toby Peters of the University of Birmingham, U.K., Clean Cooling is “resilient cooling for all who need it, without environmental damage and climate impact and with the optimal use of natural and thermal resources throughout the lifespan of the cooling system.” Also in Accelerate #110 are regional articles on: a Canadian ice rink that is leveraging heat reclaim from its CO2 refrigeration system; a net-zero Lidl store in the Netherlands powered only by solar power and a thermal underground reservoir; an Australian entertainment center using propane-based air conditioning; and a Japanese fish processor that rebuilt a natural refrigerant-based facility following a devastating earthquake. Other articles include: cooling as a service in South Africa, and a new way to cool vaccines off the grid.

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