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Accelerating Clean Cooling & Heating

Accelerate Europe #13

THE CO2 MAGICIAN As 2018 draws to a close, it’s once again time to celebrate the innovators who have done the most to disrupt the HVAC&R industry and help make the business case for natural refrigerants even more compelling. In an evening ceremony at the ATMOsphere Europe 2018 conference in November, five visionary movers and shakers were recognised with Accelerate Europe awards for their unique contributions to advancing natural refrigerants in Europe over the past year. This issue’s cover star, Sergio Girotto, richly deserves his Accelerate Europe Person of the Year crown. During his long career in the HVAC&R industry, he has worked tirelessly to bring CO2 to new areas of application. Of all his achievements, he is perhaps best known for installing the first-ever CO2 transcritical system in a large supermarket, in 2001. Accelerate Europe sat down with the enEX president to find out what’s next for him and for the HVAC&R industry. Read this and more in the new Accelerate Europe!

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