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Accelerating Clean Cooling & Heating

Accelerate Corporate — Sphere

This 2020 Special Corporate edition of Accelerate Magazine is all about future-proofing refrigeration installations around the world by using natural refrigerants such as CO2 . Accelerate Corporate captures the efforts of market leaders in advancing the use of natural refrigerants across different applications, industry sectors and continents. Each issue of the magazine is prepared in partnership with an influential corporation, organization or group of entities striving to accelerate the uptake of climate-friendly, natural refrigerant-based technologies. Accelerate Corporate seeks to showcase end users’ experiences working with natural refrigerants and to highlight the underlying market, policy and technology trends driving their uptake. From the U.S. to Australia, we look at CO2 end user stories around the world. This edition was made possible with the support of South African CO2 pioneers – Sphere.

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