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Press Release: ATMOsphere MAC Summit 2024 × TU Berlin to Cover Natural Refrigerants in Mobile Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumps

ATMO MAC Summit on Natural refrigerants for mobile air conditioning and heat pumps

Brussels, Belgium (June 25, 2024)

OEMs from the automotive, bus, truck and train sectors, suppliers, R&D experts, policymakers, academics and more will discuss the application of natural refrigerants in mobile air-conditioning (MAC) and heat pump systems at the ATMO MAC Summit 2024 × TU Berlin.

The event will be hosted by ATMOsphere, a global market accelerator for natural refrigerant-based systems, and Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)’s Chair of Heat Transfer and Heat Conversion. It will be held Thursday, September 12, and Friday, September 13, 2024, on the TU Berlin Campus.

The MAC Summit will feature a keynote presentation from Volkswagen, “Insight into the Volkswagen Heat Pump With the Refrigerant R744,” delivered by Felix Nowak-Walenta, Test Engineer System and Vehicle Testing, and Carsten Wachsmuth, Research and Development. Stefan Elbel, Professor and Head of TU Berlin’s Department of Heat Transfer and Conversion, will also deliver a keynote presentation titled “The Natural Choice – NatRefs for Mobile Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems.”

OEMs from the automotive and refrigeration sectors will also present technology case studies, including:

  • Hanon Systems: Components and Systems for PFAS-Free AC and Heating of Passenger Cars
  • Dorin and Eberspächer Sütrak: The Latest CO2 Reversible HVAC Units for Electric Buses
  • Thyssenkrupp Dynamic Components: Thermal Management for Future EVs – The A/C Compressor Designed for R744

OEMs will also take the stage to discuss implementing and scaling up CO2 (R744) and propane (R290) air-conditioning and heat pumps in cars, buses, trucks and trains. Policymakers will also present on topics including the PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances) restriction proposal, EU F-Gas Regulation and MAC directive.

Registration and sponsorship

Register for the event here. The preliminary program and other information can be found on the event website. OEMs, academics, members of government, NGO staff and the media can attend the summit for free.

Hanon Systems is the Gold sponsor of the ATMO MAC Summit 2024 × TU Berlin. Konvekta is the Silver sponsor, and Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS), GTS, Dorin and Obrist are the Bronze sponsors. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, and companies and organizations interested in learning more can find information at this link.

About ATMOsphere

For the past 20 years, market accelerator ATMOsphere (formerly shecco) has been active in helping bring climate-friendly technologies faster to market. ATMOsphere supports over 100 partners worldwide in the HVAC&R sector, where the focus is on sustainable refrigeration, heating & cooling technologies using natural refrigerants. 


Marc Chasserot