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ATMO Europe: NatRefs-Promoting Entities Seek Support to Push for Higher EU F-gas Ambition

Natural Refrigerants

A group of entities supporting the wider uptake of natural refrigerants systems across all refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) sectors has drafted a statement asking European and Member States’ policymakers to be more ambitious as the sectors transition away from halogenated substances used as refrigerants.

The Clean Cooling Coalition, Refrigerants, Naturally!, the Royal Dutch Association of Refrigeration (KNVvK) and STEK (Emission Prevention Refrigeration Technology Foundation) have joined forces and released a statement at ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022 supporting greater ambition in the revision of the EU F-gas Regulation, which is currently being negotiated between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

“Our companies’ business is aligned with the objectives of REPowerEU and the EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability. We support the overall direction of the Commission proposal for the new EU F-gas Regulation, the amendments of the European Parliament and the work related to PFAS,” highlights the statement, which can be downloaded below.

Natural refrigerants are a proven, reliable, energy-efficient and technically mature option for almost all applications, capacities, sizes and temperatures. They are readily available in the EU and in the countries adopting EU ambitions. This is particularly true for heat pumps.

We want to emphasise that manufacturers are already investing at large scale into R&D and production capacities for environmentally friendly equipment without F-gases and other halogenated chemicals. There is no “conflict” between a phase- down of halogenated chemicals and the objectives of REPower EU, in particular those related to heat pumps,” stresses the statement.

Dozens of companies have already signed the letter at the very same conference organised last week in Brussels.

The statement can be downloaded and filled in from this webpage. It can be submitted by contacting,, or